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Workcare, Alcester

‘a listening ear in the workplace’

About us

We partner with local businesses who want to offer their staff a completely confidential opportunity to talk through any situation which they may be facing but cannot, or do not want to, share with colleagues, friends or family.    We operate in the workplace, being available to listen as necessary and to be the face of God’s love to those of all faiths or none.


Over 40 years’ experience in providing the service has demonstrated that being able to ‘tell their story’ can really help those in difficulty to find a way forward.


Workcare, Coventry and Warwickshire, a registered charity since 1947, provides chaplains to public and private sector organisations, selects, trains and insures our volunteers.


Listeners normally visit their partner organisation between once and twice a month at agreed times for approximately 2 hours.


We also offer a short workshop on how to take a personal approach to dealing with stress which has been well-received.


Get involved

New listeners are always needed.


For more information or to volunteer please contact: Barbara Johnson, Alcester Area Workcare Coordinator on workcarealcester@btinternet.com / 07793 662914.

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