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St James - Weethley

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Welcome to St James - Weethley

‘a worshipping community at the heart of the village’

We come together as a church family to worship God, share fellowship, build new friendships and renew old acquaintances. People are drawn to St James for all sorts of reasons: deep family roots which bind them, happy childhood memories, experiencing a special sense of peacefulness and tranquillity or just taking time out in a busy world.


The community reflects St James’ Church: a simple and straightforward, loyal and faithful group of folk looking outwards. For us, a warm welcome to all who come and helping them feel valued and included is what we are about.


We are ‘twinned’ with Holy Trinity, Arrow, as a single Parish, within the Alcester Minster.


For details of Sunday services please see the chart on the 'When we meet' page.  Details of special services for Mothering Sunday, Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas will be listed on the noticeboard page: noticeboard.html.


A lively and colourful newsletter is produced bi-monthly to keep everyone informed of church services, activities, events and news. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the contact list, either through e-mail (janecornwall@alcesterminster.org) or post.



In June 2014 we hosted our first summer festival for many years. It was such a happy and relaxed social time of meeting and greeting and catching up. Please search for St James Weethley Summer Festival on Youtube to watch our video (or click this link).


Home groups run throughout the year.  Please click the link: get-involved.html.

Sat Nav: B49 5NA

St James’ Church Weethley can be easily seen from the road as it is situated on a hill on the Evesham Road between Cookhill and Hiller’s Farm Shop, Dunnington. It is signposted to the church. The church is usually open at weekends throughout spring, summer and autumn. In winter, if you would like to visit the church please knock on the door at Church Farm Cottage situated approximately 50 yards from the church and we will be happy to show you round and offer you a coffee.


If you are enquiring about a baptism or wedding at this church or are wanting your banns read here and are getting married in a church not in the Alcester Minster group then please contact the Administrator via the Contact Us page.

Contact Details:
Bill Baldwin - Churchwarden 01789 762638
Jane Cornwall - Churchwarden 07807 914518
Michael Mills - Assistant Churchwarden

A warm welcome awaits you at St James on the hill, with refreshments afterwards. Come and join us!

Sunday in the Month Time Church Service Description
1st 9 am Holy Trinity Arrow Morning Prayer Service using various forms of morning prayer
2nd 9 am St Nicholas Alcester Minster Communion Communion service without singing
11 am St Nicholas Alcester Minster Family Communion Communion suitable for all ages with illustrated talk
3rd 9 am St James Weethley Holy Eucharist Communion with fuller liturgy
4th 9 am Holy Trinity Arrow Holy Eucharist Communion with fuller liturgy
5th 10 am St Nicholas Alcester Minster Celebration Communion for everyone in the Minster parishes

Click the link for the 2019 programme of evening services: Evening


St James’ Church Weethley is named after St James the Great, disciple, follower and close friend of Jesus who was with him from the beginning of Christ’s ministry when James was called to become “a fisher of men”. James was also with Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and remained faithful in mission and Christian witness until his own death.


There has been a strong worshipping church community on the site of St James since 1640. The feeling of spirituality which abides within and around St James echoes nearly four centuries of worship and faith; the current building was rebuilt in 1857. It is a small and simple but lovingly and beautifully kept country church maintained by its devoted members. It is well worth a visit!

Alcester Minster Churches - 07840 284 294 (Administrator)