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Open The Book


Children love to hear stories and when they are acted out for them they remember them.  And if there is a chance to take part in them they become totally unforgettable!  This is the premise on which Open The Book is based.


Every month, starting last September, children from schools in Great Alne, Haselor, Coughton and Alcester have heard, watched and taken part in stories from the Bible – and thoroughly enjoyed doing so!  The stories began of course with Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden, followed by Noah and the flood and then the story of Abraham and the miraculous birth of his son Isaac in advanced old age.  Others will follow in the coming months, linking the whole narrative of the Bible in a simple, understandable and memorable way.


The children loved the stories and we, the Open the Book team, had great fun presenting them.  But we are only a small team and urgently need more help to keep this exciting project going.  The time commitment each month is quite small and the need to be available for every story is not essential.  Do come and join us.  It’s a hugely rewarding and important contribution to spreading ‘The Word’ in our local schools.

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If you would like to know more, please email Tricia Berry on tynespirit135@gmail.com


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