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A new pattern of Sunday morning services began on Sunday 3 April. Click here to see the monthly pattern for all the Minster Churches including the midweek services:





Meets every Friday during term time at 10.00 am in

St Nicholas Church, Alcester.












Sunday 12 November Remembrance/3 before Advent Red/Green
Alcester 9.00 am Holy Communion
Arrow 9.00 am Remembrance
Coughton 10.45 am Remembrance
Haselor 10.45 am Remembrance
Alcester 10.45 am Remembrance (beginning outside)
Great Alne 10.55 am Remembrance
Kinwarton 6.00 pm Health and Healing Service
Monday 13 November
Gt Alne School 9.00 am Assembly
Tuesday 14 November
Alcester 7.00 pm Holy Communion
Alcester 7.30 pm St Nicholas Adult Choir
Wednesday 15 November
Coughton School 9.00 am Assembly
Alcester 10.00 am Holy Communion
Thursday 16 November
Alcester 7.30 pm Bell-ringing practice
Friday 17 November
Alcester 10.00 am Little Stars. VIPs - Ruth
Conway Fields 7.00 pm Chocolate Run for young people
Saturday 18 November
Gt Alne Memorial Hall 10.00 – 12.00 Morning of Fun and Chat
Sunday 19 November 2 before Advent Red/Green
Alcester 9.00 am Morning Prayer
Coughton 9.00 am Morning Prayer with Baptism
Haselor 9.00 am Holy Communion
Weethley 9.00 am Holy Eucharist
Great Alne 11.00 am Family Service
Alcester 11.00 am Sung Eucharist
Alcester 12.45 pm Baptism

Alcester Minster Churches - 07840 284 294 (Administrator)  01789 764 261 (Rector)