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The Wedding season is here!


Enjoyable and absorbing as football and tennis are, there are more things going on in July than just the World Cup and Wimbledon!


July, August and September are our busiest months for weddings, and we're looking forward to conducting services for several couples again this year.


We would be delighted to discuss the possibility of a church wedding.  Click here for more details.


When Jesus was on earth, he valued marriage highly - he taught about it and attended a wedding in a place called Cana.  He even changed water into wine to save the host from embarassment when the wine ran out.


July is also the time we help all the yr 6 pupils in the 4 primary schools of the Minster to prepare for their move to secondary school with the gift of a booklet entitled 'It's your move'.  I believe Jesus is very interested in this important event in a person's life too.


And if Jesus was on earth right now, he would probably be watching the football and tennis, although I'm not sure who he would be cheering for!


For details of the week ahead, visit the noticeboard page, and click here for our programme of evening services.


For further information, please use the Contact us form.


God bless,



Rev Adrian Guthrie

What is Alcester Minster?

It is a way of grouping together five Church of England parishes, comprising eight churches in and around Alcester with a single Ministry Team and a commitment to work together.  Many of our activities are therefore Minster-wide, designed for all who attend the churches and all who live in the parishes.  Some activities are specific to a particular parish.


The parishes are:

Alcester (St Nicholas)

Arrow and Weethley (Holy Trinity and St James)

Coughton and Sambourne (St Peter and Sambourne)

Haselor (St Mary and All Saints)

Kinwarton and Great Alne (St Mary the Virgin

and St Mary Magdalen)


Information about services in each Minster Church is available from the drop down menu on the Churches tab and also at this site too:  http://www.achurchnearyou.com/

Alcester Minster Churches - 07840 284 294 (Administrator)  01789 764 261 (Rector)